Winter trips

We can offer you lots of options and many different kinds of dog sledding trips, from one-hour trips to 5 days trips in Femundsmarka nationalpark.

Click on the links above to see the details for each dog sledding trip we can offer.
We can even offer trips to companys, schoolclasses and people with handicaps. Catering is available on all trips, for extra charge.

Practial information:
Follow the instructions of the guide. Keep distance to eachother when driving, 
at least 5 meters. Do not let go of the sled, if not the dogs and sled may run away on their own. Use the footbrake in the beginning and when riding downhill, and of course - when you want to stop the dogs from running. All times for departure for the trips, are to be seen as approximately times. Weather conditions and number of people showing up, may inflict on the time of departure for the trip. Drunken people will be expelled from the sleddog kennel

You cannot ride/drive a dogsled wearing shoes designed for downhill skiing. Wear proper footwear. We accept creditcards or norwegian cash for payment.
Do you have any questions or want to order, click here or give us a call at +47 917 17 813.

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